JSC MRK LLC started-up OTTO JUNKER melting plant type MFT 2×8000 tons

  • JSC Mechanical repair complex
  • 12.05.2019

By the Metallurgist Day 2019, JSC Mechanical repair complex (MMK Group, Magnitogorsk) started up two melting furnaces produced by OTTO JUNKER (Germany), consist of 2 crucibles, with capacity 8000 kg each with a power of 2400 kW.

For each furnace, a MONOMELT power distribution system with independent cooling circuits is used, making the operation of the furnaces completely independent of each other.

From the interesting, the melting complex is equipped with multi-frequency technology (mixing) 250/125 Hz. Using multi-frequency technology, the start of melting process at the optimum frequency (250 Hz) and then use a lower frequency (125 Hz) to increase the turbulence of the metal bath for alloying/carburizing of the metal. There is also a function for adjusting the angle of the furnace to measure the current contents of the furnace during tilting of the furnace, the display step in the tilt position is 10.0 kg. The melting complex is equipped with exhaust hoods with a hydraulic drive, tilted in two directions.

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