The Spanish company “INDEFUNSA” is a world leader in the manufacture of equipment for separating and crushing gating systems. More than 800 units of equipment manufactured by INDEFUNSA are operated in the world.

INDEFUNSA produces:

“Hydraulic wedges” INDEFUNSA are very efficient and easy to operate, which makes the separation of gates a very simple process. Hydraulic wedges require only little operator effort.

INDEFUNSA produces 8 models of hydroclines, diffeent power

Separation power, kgf8.00013.00014.00015.000
Separation power, kgf21.00022.00035.00059.000

Features of INDEFUNSA hydraulic wedges application:

  1. Cost reduction

When using INDEFUNSA “Hydraulic wedges”, an increase in productivity occurs, which leads to a significant reduction in cost. INDEFUNSA can perform 1 person with 1 “Hydraulic wedges” instead of 4 persons with 4 hammers.

  1. Improving a quality of castings

INDEFUNSA runner crushers reduce the risk of casts damage. Fault surfaces are clean, smooth, consistent and always in the right place.

  1. Safety

Accidents that usually occurred when using traditional methods (hammer and cutting discs) are excluded. Injuries such as back problems and carpal tendon syndrome resulting from heavy physical labor and repetitive movements are significantly reduced. Also reduced sound pressure level.

The scope of supply of Hydraulic wedges includes:

  • A hydraulic unit controlled via an electrical panel pressurizes the Hydraulic wedges. One hydraulic station provides work to five Hydraulic wedges;
  • Electric control cabinet;
  • БBalance. It is delivered for each separator, tailored exactly to the weight of the Hydraulic wedges in size, which effectively neutralizes the weight of the Hydraulic wedges;
  • Hydraulic wedges.

The «Runner Crusher” of the gate systems INDEFUNSA breaks and quickly crush the gate systems into small parts for processing and re-melting.

Area of use: Grey and ductile iron, aluminum and brass.

Result: 65% reduction in the initial size of the material for crushing.

Feature: Allows faster and more efficient melting

INDEFUNSA produces 5 models of Crushers different power

Grey ironkg / hour6.0008.00012.00015.00020.000
high-duty cast ironkg / hour4.0005.0008.00010.00015.000
Operating pressure
Normal / Maximum
Crushing forcet30/18039/24080/490125 / 765150 / 920
Dimensionsmm600 x 600900 x 9001200 x 12001500 x 12001500 x 1500

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