The EVOLUT company (Italy) has its own production, design, engineering and technological center. Since the founding of the company in 1991, more than 2200 units of robotic modules have been integrated. The concept „Industry 4.0” is being introduced in all production departments. The presence of highly qualified specialists, modern flexible production allows the company to carry out sophisticated projects for leading world brands (GM, CATERPILLAR, CIMOS, DAF, SCANIA and many others). Currently, EVOLUT can offer to customers a simple equipment and a sophisticated turnkey solution. EVOLUT offers to customers a wide range of technological solutions for various types of production. EVOLUT has two production sites located in the vicinity of Brescia, (Italy) and one production site is located in China. Depending on the production load, orders can be placed at any production site.

The company manufactures complexes based on KUKA or ABB, FANUC robots, which are delivered with its own control system.

The complex management system is based on the Siemens industrial PLC. Starting equipment, frequency converters – also by Siemens.

The program for the PLC is transmitted to the customer with an open source, with comments in English/Russian languages.

Some applications of EVOLUT robotic modules

Robotic module with chill machines

Robotic module with injection molding machines

Robotic module for forging products

Robotic module for deburring, cutting of steel, cast iron, aluminum castings

Robotic module for drilling castings

Robotic module for setting up of cores in a mold

Robotic module working with a machining center with measurement of a finished workpieces

Robotic module for palletizing (warehousing) of products

Extensive experience, as well as our own technical and software developments allow us to offer solutions of various degrees of sophisticating.

For example, the “ALIEN vision system” makes it possible to determine the random position of the parts supplied to the system, which facilitates the work with a large product range and provides quick readjustment of equipment.

Reduce the time for readjustment – for writing new programs for processing of parts, allows offline 3D programming system.

With it, a new processing program can be created in one of three ways, according to the 3D model, according to the reference part by 3D scanning or taking a points from real parts using the digitizer. An hour of work with such a system equal 8 hours of work of an experienced specialist without it. With it also, the creation debugging programs does not require stopping the equipment.

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