The LORAMENDI company (Spain) was founded in 1973. One of the main activities of LORAMENDI is the manufacturing of vertical moulding lines with electromechanical drive (e-VMM).

Features of LORAMENDI moulding lines with vertical mould splitting lines

1. Adjustable molding chamber, so that on one moulding machine it is possible to use 3 sizes of pattern plates

2. The lines are equipped with AMC (Automatic Mould Conveyor) or PMC (Precision Mould Conveyor)

3. The molding machine is equipped with additional hydraulic cylinders and guides for reliability.

4. Innovative mixture injection system, ensuring uniform distribution of the mixture inside the working chamber

5. Vertical lines LORAMENDI complete with automatic core setting devices

6. Special moulding system “extra compaction” for tall models

Advantages of LORAMENDI vertical moulding lines with electromechanical drive

  • Electric power consumption (kWh / mould) is 2.5 times lower than electric power consumption on a line with a hydraulic drive
  • Easy maintenance
  • No oil costs
  • „Green” production
  • Immunity to changes of environment
  • Minimum spare parts Consumption

Examples of castings made on LORAMENDI moulding lines

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