Andromat® (Germany) specializes in the production of manipulators for various applications.

Convenience in operations of manipulators:

  • feedback system allows the operator to control the manipulator with high accuracy even during performing the most complex tasks;
  • ergonomic operator’s seat with air conditioning;
  • operator protection against vibrations, noise and high temperatures;
  • optimum visibility due to enlarged windows.

Convenience in service of manipulators:

  • long working life and safety allow maximize life time;
  • application of a modular concept allows easy and quick maintenance;
  • minimum maintenance through the use of components that do not require frequent intervention;
  • affordable and easy diagnostic system.

Versatility manipulators:

  • solution of almost any tasks related to transportation and loading of materials;
  • the system can be configured for specific purposes, regardless of direction;
  • the possibility of using various quick-change tools with automated replacement and a drive from the manipulator (in combination with control accuracy makes it possible to conveniently handle cargoes: beating profits, separating castings, cutting, deburring, grinding);
  • 360 ° free grip rotation provides unrivaled versatility.

Andromat® AM 2000 on a wheeled chassis used in foundry

Using Andromat® for open die forging

Andromat® AMX 40 on a wheeled chassis in a forge shop

Andromat® AMX 60, extracting cylinder blocks from molds

Application Andromat® with turntable on the chassis for deburring castings

Application Andromat® for deburring castings

Andromat® with pneumatic hammer on capture

Andromat® with pneumatic hammer

Andromat® production site

Andromat® quick change tools

Andromat® tool store

Catalogs and documents

  • Манипуляторы Andromat, Брошюра 1 Download .pdf/ 4.17 Mb
  • Манипуляторы Andromat, Брошюра 2 Download .pdf/ 3.14 Mb

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