The German company Doerentrup Feuerfestprodukte GmbH (DFP) has been producing refractory products for the linings of induction melting, casting, duct furnaces, aging furnaces, transportation and casting ladles, as well as tools for lining masses vibrating of these furnaces for more than a hundred years.

The range of products includes:

  • medium, low and ultra low cement refractory concretes
  • dry vibrating materials
  • repair plastics
  • ready quartzite crucibles
  • insulations materials
  • ready monolithic products
  • lining tools

DFP Specialization – Induction Crucible Lining

DFP has own material testing laboratory.

A quality control certificate is issued for each batch of materials. Materials are monitored at the inlet and outlet of the production process.

We are always happy to help our customers and provide all the necessary service support. Following the philosophy of quality, DFP always promptly and efficiently responds to customer wishes, solves all the tasks set by the client on the problems of lining service life.

Examples of ready monolithic products

Lining tools

Catalogs and documents

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