The company „VEMEK S.r.L” has been manufacturing vents, chaplets, separators, coolers for foundry for more than 50 years. Production is located in northern Italy, near Venice.

VEMEK’s production program includes the manufacture of the following products:

Round-plate single-stem foundry chaplets

Unequal-plates foundry chaplets

Square-plate single-stem foundry chaplets

Rectangular-plate two-stem foundry chaplets

Round-plate foundry chaplets with fusion plate

Square-plate foundry chaplets with fusion plate

Rectangular-plate chaplets for foundries with fusion plate

Box chaplets for light casting

Foundry chaplets for radiators

Chaplets with anchoring nails

Self-adhesive pre-glued chaplets

Chaplets with anchoring clips

Separators – distance spacers for motor blocks

Core centering chaplets

Core plates and skim gates for foundries

Spiral coolers for foundries

Nail coolers for foundries

Nylon core vent
Degassing and core reinforcement tubes

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