Company «Ogneupory» (Bogdanovich) is one of the largest producer of refractory materials and products. For more than 80 years company has been providing refractory materials for metallurgical, foundry, chemical, machine-building and instrument-making enterprises.

In 2018 company started production of new products – elements of gating systems for foundry began cooperation with RusLitMash to introduction these products into the technological process.

Company produces:

  • Funnels of various designs;
  • Straight tubes;
  • Connecting tubes (FF and NN series);
  • Swivel tubes;
  • Tubes with constriction;
  • Tubes with expansion;
  • End tubes of various designs;
  • Knee (outer section round or square);
  • L-shaped tubes;
  • T-shaped tubes;
  • Connections of various designs;
  • Feeders;

The use of ceramic elements of the gate system allows avoiding the surface contamination defect in almost 100% of cases. For the correct calculation of the gate system, various methods are used, including modern computer simulation methods.

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