About Us

JSC RusLitMash was founded in 2008 in Nizhny Tagil together with GUSS-EX Sp. z o. o.. In 2011, a company technical bureau was opened in Naberezhnye Chelny, then in 2013 in Nizhny Novgorod.
JSC RusLitMash is the official representative of the world’s largest manufacturers and offers cooperation in the supply of a wide range of equipment and materials for foundry. Mission of our company is to promote the technological development of industrial plants in Russia, by providing access to the technologies of world manufacturers. Each Customer is important for our company, and we find an individual approach to each. We do maximum to meet the needs of our Customers. In matters of quality, we do not compromise. JSC RusLitMash represents only trusted manufacturers. We work according to high quality standards and strive to work better and better every day.

Today JSC RusLitMash represents in Russia following companies:

  • KUTTNER SAVELLI (Italy) – Moulding lines and sand preparation plants for green sand;
  • LORAMENDI (Spain) – Vertical molding machines for green sand;
  • FMM (Czech) – No-bake moulding equipment, reclamation plants for no-bake;
  • OTTO JUNKER (Germany) – Induction melting and pouring furnaces;
  • AHB (Germany) – Core shooter machines, tools;
  • STEM (Slovenia) – Shotblasting machines;
  • FERROECOBLAST (Slovenia) – Air blasting equipment;
  • IOB (Germany) – Heat treatment furnaces;
  • INDEFUNSA (Spain) – Wedge feeder breakers and runner crushers;
  • POWER HAMMER (USA) – Pneumatic casting degating hammers;
  • ANDROMAT (Germany) – Industrial manipulators;
  • EVOLUT (Italy) – Robotic cells;
  • LPM GROUP (Italy) – Low pressure die casting machines, gravity casting machines, tools;
  • YIZUMI (China) – High pressure die casting machines;
  • ROPCZYCE-RUS (Russia) – Exothermic riser sleeves;
  • BOGDANOVICHSKIE REFRACTORIES (Russia) – Ceramic gating systems;
  • ELKEM (Norway) – Nodularisers, Inoculants, carburizers;
  • DFP (Germany) – Refractory lining materials;
  • VEMEK (Italy) – Chaplets and vents.

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